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Range of activities

Maps for plans and proposals
Almost each building investment starts with maps preparations, which ones are base for designers work. Such maps are also required for designs of small (single-family) and large (multi-family, commercial, industrial) buildings. If there is need of designing a media like gas or water, such a map is required by law in Poland. Map for plan/proposal has to be prepared by a chartered surveyor, and information the map presents is specified by surveying standards and additionally by designer needs.

Buildings laying out/alignment
In foolproof building realisation one of a basic needs is a proper layout of the building on land parcel. Such alignment has to be compatible with approved building project. Chartered surveyor assures investors in proper realisation of their project.

Landownership maps
Landownership / Cadastral maps show information related to possessions of landparcels and buildings. Such maps are required in almost every activity taking into account changing land/building ownership. Precise information gained from municipal/government registers assures landowners/investors in safe and proper transactions.


Databases, data and information processing
We specialize in processing data stored in different formats like RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, MySQL) and others (ASCII/binary formats). We can help with data gathering followed by its convertions, reporting, connecting and synchronizing between different datasources.

CAD i GIS Systems
We specialize in using CAD systems (MicroStation, AutoCAD) and GIS (ESRI, Bentley, Intergraph) for data gathering and processing. Due to our strong experience we can efficiently prepare vector and raster data in workflow process of GIS and CAD systems.


Useful links

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Site of Surveying Office in Kartuzy (polish lang.)
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Information site of Polish Central Office of Geodesy and Cartography